Friday, April 30, 2010

Using Smart Phones in School

Write a thoughtful essay of at least three paragraphs describing your feeling about using Smart Phones in School. Do you agree with the comments above? Give your opinion and the reasons why you are for or against Smart Phones in school.

I think that using smart phones is the next step in school learning. Using the smart phones in will boost the amount of students that graduate. It may be risky but its worth the sacrifice for the success of teens today. Some students don't like to read or write but they all know how to text/type.
Yes, I agree with the comments above because its good for students to have a great learning envoriment and enjoy learning. Students should always enjoy there learning. Even if the school has to make certain budget cuts.
I feel that if they allow students to use smart phones in school no student would fail the HSPA. Students would pay more attention to their work and projects.

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